Now it is easier than ever to learn this code and how to use it!

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the science of numbers. It is how you interpret your birth code for yourself or anyone that you care about.


1. Your Day of Birth Number

Every person and entity of any kind is born on a specific day. The birth day gives you insight about their natural way of being - their tendencies.

2. Your Life Purpose Number

No one has just one number. We all have a combination of numbers that coincide with who we are. Your life purpose number can illustrate the best way to express your energy.  It can show you the lessons you are here to learn and the qualities to help you live the life you desire.

3. Your Destiny Number

This number comes from the letters in your name. All letters are associated with a number. It's called the Pathagorean System. This number will tell you how to naturally use your gifts.

the heart's desire number

the personality

the power


  The whole Universe is comprised of numbers. Your life is no different!

Every person and entity on the planet is born on a specific day at a certain time. Adding these numbers that have a corresponding letter gives you insight into your life and the lives of those you wish to understand. If you sense that you are not on the correct path or you are confused about which direction to take, knowing your numbers can help you make the important decisions.

Who is Numerology for? 

If you are unable to forgive yourself or others from mistakes of the past and move on, then reading your charts will give you clarity.

If you lack the motivation it takes for personal development and to have a growth mindset, then reading your personal numerology is going to be beneficial in helping your learn how to obtain your goals.

It is also for those who wish to get clear on their life path. It can be a guide to aid you in figuring out what you are here to do.

For those who want to develop their natural unique gifts and talents.

When I decided to learn about my birth code, I was very reluctant because I had been raised in the church. I also was raised dealing with quite a bit of verbal, mental, and physical abuse. By the time I was a young adult, I was broken, misunderstood, hurting, and confused. I had no idea what to do and I needed some answers. 

On the surface one would have thought I had the perfect life. I was married to my middle school sweetheart whom I thought was the guy of my dreams. We were doing fair financially, but I still wasn't happy on the inside because I didn't know who I truly was. I was living the life I was taught to live; not the life that truly inspired me.

Because of this unhappiness inside me, I was a miserable mess behind closed doors. I had no idea that happiness was within and that I needed to go there to find mine. This made me a literal walking, talking, jealous, clingy, low self-esteem mess. I was tired and ready to change my life.

Why I decided to find out my birth code.

It wasn't soon after I started investigating my situation and happened upon the definition of insanity. Frankly, they might as well had replaced the definition with a picture of me because I was a literal mess who kept attracting people, guys, and situations that were just as much a mess or more than I was. Codependent relationship after toxic codependent relationship that would leave me in a worse shape than I was before it got started.

The last relationship I encountered before I decided to dig deep into who I am is what led me to my birth code. And you won't believe what happened next! I almost couldn't believe it myself. In a nutshell? I had some of the answers I was looking for. No longer did I have to suffer the guilt and shame that was imposed upon me by those who were responsible for my upbringing. No more having to accept comments like, "Awwwww, get over it, you're an adult now". I could finally stand up for myself and who I naturally was without feeling like I had to make an excuse and dumb myself down to make others feel good about their toxicity that was as common as running water.

I gained a deeper awareness of myself and who I truly am. I could go on, but the point is, I begin to learn how to love myself for who I was without a filter.

It is my hope that I can urge some to Get Their Personal Free Numerology Video and see for themselves the astounding accuracy of your unique birth code.

   Savorian R. Smith


Why You Need to Know Your Numbers

Your numbers help you develop your intuition. Believe it or not, when you learn them and start paying more attention to yourself, your instincts become sharper. Knowing your numbers can give you a very different perspective on situations you may encounter. One major thing knowing your numbers can do is help you to release yourself from the guilt of pursuing expectations placed on you by others.

What to Do With the Numbers Once You Know Them

Once you know your numbers you will want to refer to them and use them to work on your personal development or maybe that might not be your immediate goal. The choice is truly up to you. Maybe you just want to know for the sake of knowing. However, using these numbers and applying their meanings to your life can open up a whole new way of seeing your world in ways you never knew existed.

A Very Important Point About Numerology

Everything is energy. That means that everything has a vibrational force. Yes. That includes Y-O-U. Just like musical notes emit a frequency and sound, numbers associated to you do the same thing. They all make up the connection that is your life.

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